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You already know from your friends and families how beautiful New Zealand is. The magnificent peaks and valleys of Middle Earth brought this now out-of-the-box secret to the world with a good reason. But these views are no Hollywood-crafted mirage- they are for real, and certain to take your breath away. On top of the natural beauty, the nation’s rich Maori culture. passion for rugby, high quality food. relaxed lifestyle and exquisite wine creates a country that defies even the most imaginative adventurer’s expectations. In New Zealand, adventure sports rule. This is, after all. a nation so dedicated to doing inventive things they tag along with bits of rubber and plastic and invented bungee jumping, black-water rafting and zorbing. Whether you’re climbing the Fox Glacier or skiing through the snow rich peaks or skydiving over the stunning Lake Taupo, New Zealand is certain to get adrenaline rush running through your veins.
The country’s welcoming nature and multicultural society has surely got something for everyone. Once you have had a taste of the country, you will always want to come back for more. With the country listed as the best country to live in and two cities listed among world’s top 10 cities to live in, New Zealand proudly enjoys its place among the top 5 reputed countries of the world. This is because of the nation’s welcoming aura breath taking natural beauty, adventure sports and most importantly for its safe yet peaceful environment.
Education in a country as peaceful and welcoming as New Zealand can be a dream for students, but this dream is much accessible. New Zealand has one of the best student support systems in the world as the country has zero tolerance towards racism. You must have heard about the words – American, British, Indian or even Australia – as these are used to refer the local population of the respective countries. Do you know a word ‘New Zealander’ does not even exist in the dictionary? This is because, the country is made up of people who have come to New Zealand from around the world to settle down for good. The country today resides people from more than 200 ethnicities – making it one of the most multicultural societies of New Zealand. The friendly nature of the people towards international students and visitors becomes an asset for students to excel. There are 3 things that are important for New Zealand – people, people and people. Hence, in New Zealand people feel valued, respected and free to do whatever they wish to – until and unless they are not creating a nuisance for other people of the society. Today the country is voted as one of the safest country on earth and ranking among top 10 countries with happiest people, safe food supplies, being least corrupt and for its ease of doing business. A lot of people relate New Zealand to be a small island, but for the fact – the country is bigger than the United Kingdom and still has population at 4.5 million; which is 16 times less than the population of UK.
India and New Zealand have a lot in common. Both the economies have significant interest in dairy and agriculture, yet have extensive opportunities in the field of Information Technology and Science. With both countries having English as their primary language of communication – people who travel to New Zealand do not face any language barriers and hence feel comfortable residing here. And let’s not forget cricket which is worship to Indians and second most followed sport to New Zealand after Rugby.
New Zealand today ranks among the top destinations for international education, with India being the second highest source market for international students who come to New Zealand to study. New Zealand is highly regarded for its quality and resource led education offered by institutions that are recognized around the world. New Zealand infact is the only country to have its all 8 universities ranked among the top 500 universities of the world as per the QS Times Higher Education Rankings. Students prefer studying in New Zealand for its relatively lower cost of living, lower cost of study, recognized qualification, reputed institutions, effective student support system, relatively easier migration norms and ease of access to natural environments.
India on papers is a priority for New Zealand, as students actively seek opportunities not offered in India, and India’s industry calls for work-ready graduates.
Kshitij Garg, Managing Director
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