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Today, where every career opportunity spreads its wings beyond borders, higher education has become increasingly important as employers look for work ready professionals globally. New Zealand unlike India offers practical approach to students in their higher education – making students work ready. Apart from focusing on the core subjects of various programs, the education providers in New Zealand also focus on the soft skills of the student. There are eight universities throughout the country, along with 18 technology institutions and over 600 training schools which help with specialized skills. New Zealand is the only country to have all its 8 Universities among the top 500. University of Auckland enjoys the top spot from New Zealand with a global ranking of 81 in the world. New Zealand is known for its programs in business, technology, architecture, engineering, gaming and animation, hospitality management and biological sciences, and the institutions are highly resource led and reputed across the world. New Zealand has got one of the best support systems in the world for international students making it one of the most desired destinations for higher education for students globally.
In 2012, New Zealand was ranked as having one of the top education systems in the world. Out of 40 countries, New Zealand came eighth in The Learning Curve global education report, published by education firm Pearson. Today where students prefer going to US, UK, Canada and Australia apart from New Zealand, it is very important to understand the position of New Zealand viz a viz other country.
New Zealand is regarded as a small island ducked in the corner of the world. But, it will be quite a surprise to know that the country is bigger than the size of the United Kingdom, yet the country has 16 times lesser population than the UK. The opportunities in the country are quite high – as the country welcomes skilled migrants. When a student thinks of a study destination, there are certain factors that they think of. These primarily include – the reputation of the education providers, recognition of the program of study, the cost factor, safety of the international student and the job opportunities.
All New Zealand institutions except for the Universities come under the governance of NZQA – the New Zealand Qualification Authority which holds the responsibility to audit every institution for their quality. The NZQA ensures to categorize institutions based on the positive outcome and resources that are offered to the students on campus. This makes the institutions quite quality oriented and hence the institutions as well as the universities are quite reputed worldwide. Being a British colony – the education system of New Zealand has a close resemblance to that of UK – having more practical learning methodologies. With the Universities ranking among the best in the world, the students face no problems when it comes to the reputation of the education provider and recognition of their qualifications.
New Zealand offers programs right from high school to PhD, including executive master degrees in Management. The cost of study and living in New Zealand is quite like that of Canada but stands lower than the cost that a student would incur for studying in US, UK and Australia.
New Zealand is regarded as the safest country on Earth and has just been officially announced as the most prosperous country on earth, as per the Legatum Institute. New Zealand ranked top of both the social capital and economic quality sub-indexes, and 2nd for business environment and governance. New Zealand is a multicultural country with people from more than 200 ethnicity living here. This multi-ethnic aspect of the country makes New Zealand very friendly and welcoming to international tourists and students. The country has a strict – zero tolerance towards racism as people are very receptive to different cultures. In New Zealand, the community has only three priorities – people, people and people. With such beautiful natural environments and focus on growing community interaction – this country is a safe destination for international students.
Apart from the comparative analysis – some things which are unique to New Zealand for prospective international students are: (a) the people of New Zealand who are really friendly, (b) the economy which is incredibly stable and the government more stable (and less argumentative) than the governments that you will see in other countries, (c) the climate which is one of the best in the world, (d) working opportunities, (e) beautiful natural environments with a clean green image, and (f) the relatively easier migration norms.
If you sum up – New Zealand is a country that is safe, vibrant and a country that promotes peace. And the students get access to such good attributes of a country with highly recognized qualifications from reputed institutions at a relatively easier cost. I am sure this is a worthy package for a student looking for higher education overseas – to explore.
Kshitij Garg, Managing Director
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