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New Zealand although regarded as a small country and often believed to have lack of opportunities – is an attractive destination for students who plan to establish a career in the fields of business, fashion and STEM related programmes. On one side where students from India are facing major job shortages and lack of working opportunities in the fields of Medical Science, Engineering, Information Technology etc, it will be surprising to know that the same fields are among a few listed in the Skill Shortage List for New Zealand.

Before we detail out the opportunities that the country offers, it is equally important to understand where do students stand in terms of finding jobs in India. A few articles making the headlines can be found below:

  • Business: Only 7 per cent of MBA graduates from Indian business schools, excluding those from the top 20 schools, get a job straight after completing their course. (The Indian Express; April 30, 2016)
  • Engineering: 80% of Engineering Graduates in India Unemployable. (NDTV Profit; January 25, 2016)
  • Dental Studies: Unemployment has entered the health sciences sector. It is now estimated that there will be a surplus of more than 1 lakh dentists in India by 2020. (The Times of India; May 18, 2016)

New Zealand promotes the spirit of invention, innovation and collaboration. The institutions in New Zealand promote a hands on, resource led education where programs are built and designed in consultation with the industry. This means that students are given relevant training as per the industry demand and standards. If we look at the Skill Shortage List published by Immigration New Zealand, which is publicly available on you will find that majority of areas which are found to be in surplus in India are quite heavily in demand in New Zealand. These cover the areas of: Construction, Engineering, Supply Chain and Logistics, Psychology, Physiotherapy, Multimedia and Animation, Information Technology, Food Technology, Culinary Arts, etc. Apart from these some areas that have good prospects in New Zealand that students can opt for can be: Project Management, Hospitality Management and executive level masters in the fields of Marketing, International Business, Professional Accounting and Applied Finance.

New Zealand qualifications are recognized globally. Be it the MBA qualifications which are double accredited from AMBA and AACSB or the Engineering qualification which are accredited by the Washington Accord. The country promotes itself to skilled migrants and hence provides working opportunities and stay back options to the students, to look for jobs on completion of their respective courses. Where an undergraduate student must study for minimum 18 months to get a 1 year post study visa, a post graduate student studies for only a year to get the opportunity to stay back. Consider this with the lower cost of study and living for New Zealand.

As per an article published by NZ Herald in January 2016, the top 4 professions that have the highest average salaries are: Strategy and Consultation, Construction and Architecture, Information Technology and Engineering. Today, the country is proving to be an attractive destination for students who wish to do their post graduate studies in the field of Engineering and Science and hence attracts the top graduates. New Zealand’s clean green image provides immense opportunities for students who wish to study programs related to environment, sustainability and energy – as the country believes as well as practices sustainable ways of maintaining its natural environments and using environmental friendly energy resources. Even the students who wish to pursue PhD programs find New Zealand to be a great opportunity as students find themselves in highly resource led infrastructure; doing their research under knowledge-rich and equipped supervisors. The research stduents also enjoy the benefit of paying domestic student fee if they plan to pursue a full PhD from New Zealand. Education New Zealand is even offering scholarships under the New Zealand Excellence Awards for students who wish to study UG or PG programmes at the New Zealand Universities – which are among the top 3% of the universities worldwide.

New Zealand today enjoys being one of the top choices for overseas education for students for its affordability, multicultural and safe environment as well as promising opportunities in the fields that students majorly take up. New Zealand is a small country (in size) but big things do come in small packages.

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