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We have the ideas and we are not scared to put them into action. We will go steps ahead to give the quality that you deserve
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About Us


• We have the ideas and we are not scared to put them into action. We will go steps ahead to give the quality that you deserve.
• We don’t mind taking the initiative and drive the market towards a process that is ethical and worth spending time on.
• We are different because we aim at providing the best options to the students rather than providing students to the options we have. We are student-centric and not business-centric.
• We give options and effective counselling, and we leave it for the student to pick what they want. After all we are counsellors and not decision makers for your lives.
• Who says studying abroad is a complex process. We at Estero NZ make it easier for you by not only providing all the services in your home town, but also providing them free of charge. We also provide all the support services once you reach NZ. Amazed? U should be, because we seriously do it.


Creating an ethical market position by providing unbiased and unique education counselling.

Building capabilities and mobilizing one’s future goals.

Driving sustainable impact on the overseas education sector.

Providing opportunities for advancing career growth.

Succeeding together as a team with dedication, Passion and Trust.

Be a part of the success stories of our stakeholders (our clients our education providers and NZ education.)



Managing Director


Executive Director


Head of Operations – Nepal


Head of Operations - Bangalore


Head of Operations - Colombo


Head Counsellor - Colombo


• One on one counselling to ascertain the best option for a student in a confidential environment.

• Career counselling to choose a prospective career path.

• Admission and enrollment assistance with the education providers.

• Visa application on behalf of the student.

• Assistance with Bank Loans, Ticketing, etc.

• Post Arrival services like accommodation, mobile numbers, bank accounts etc.

• Exclusive brand partners to provide services for the benefit of students in New Zealand.

• Assistance with both part time and full time jobs.

• Exclusive opportunities to meet institution representatives at Estero offices.

• Free entry to New Zealand Education Fairs organised by Estero


• We are Education New Zealand Recognised Agent
• We are ICEF Agents and have gone through the rigorous process of ensuring the ethical standards, quality and all the necessary reference checks to be allotted the status by ICEF: which is the leading and toughest policy bearing organisation, certifying quality agents internationally.
• We are a New Zealand based organisation with headquarters in Auckland, ensuring a 24X7 support after arriving in NZ.
• Estero NZ is proud to work as a trusted partner with some of the leading institutions of New Zealand under the IPP (Industry Partnership Program) of Immigration NZ, which ensures quick visas for quality students with simpler processes.
• We are a team of academicians and not businessmen leading you towards a promising career.
• Estero NZ deals with only the top 4 tiers of education providers namely: Universities, Institutes of Technology, Polytechnics and Grade/Tier 1 Private Institutions.
• Every institute on the Estero NZ portfolio has been personally visited by our New Zealand staff.
• Exclusive brand partners aligned with our company that provide services to students which are an important part of their lives. These cover – accommodation, student deals, mobile numbers, bank accounts, tax numbers, internships etc.
• With New Zealand headquarters, our organisation has an advantage to provide updated primary source of information related to employment opportunities and market dynamics.
• Estero NZ works closely with regional educational bodies of NZ government as well as the education providers alongside the service providers that form a key role of a student’s life.

• Student visa success rate of 97% (2018 – 2019)

Student Testominial